We have new officers this year and we are all looking forward to getting to know you!  Here is a little bit about us!

President:  Kaitlyn (Kate) Florer

-Year in School: Junior
-From: River Falls, WI
-Major: Psychology, Human Development
-Favorite Fall Activity: Jumping in leaves


Vice President:  Emma Bretl

-Year in Scool: Junior
-From: Port Washington, WI
-Double Major: Education and Psychology
-Favorite Fall Activity: Looking at all the pretty colors of the leaves

Secretary:  Cassie Paulus

-Year in School: Senior
-From: Belgium, WI
-Double Major: Human Development/Psychology
-Favorite Fall Activity: WATCHING PACKER FOOTBALL!!!


Treasurer:  Amanda VandeHei

-Year in School: Senior
-Major: Psychology and Human Development
-My favorite fall activity is picking apples and carving pumpkins.


Officer of Communications:  Emily Wallace

-Year: Senior
-From: Viola WI

-Major: Psychology and Human Development
-Favorite Fall Activity: playing in leaves


Advisor:  Professor Ryan Martin

-My favorite fall activity is going for a run through the arboretum on campus.